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i’m s osleepy and i feel ike a small bun and i’m goin t oaply animal crossing unti l if all asleep

every now and then i google the names of people i was friends with in high school and omg??? look at my friend!! this is good

we were in choir together

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im cool and cute and       afraid


stripe up your life

me after spending 3 hours building and meticulously picking out every detail of my sims house: this is my house in real life now too I live here now



Came to talk to the birds this morning….birds talking

my favorite vine out of every vine i’ve ever seen or will see

i am home from my first day of work and it went pretty well and my feet and my back have given up on me and i made a cool friend and i saw a shirt that said “punk rock is good for you” and i pointed at it and said “true” and no one laughed and i unpacked boxes of clothes and labelled them and added security tags and hung them up on portable racks and now i’m sitting in bed and it’s the best feeling in the world

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Christians call The Bible “the greatest story ever told” almost as if they’ve never heard John Mulaney’s Salt and Pepper Diner


me being a sexy seductress

droomoog - Music production visualized with bunnies.